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What is a CV/Curriculum Vitae/Resume?

CV is the short abbreviation used for the Latin word "curriculum vitae" which means "the story of your life". A CV/Curriculum Vitae/Resume is an outline of your education and experience. Its purpose is to get you an interview and your CV writers at CV CLINIC will purposely build your CV for you using all their CV writing techniques.


What is a CV/ Curriculum Vitae /Resume for?

Your CV/Curriculum Vitae/Resume built for you by your CV writer from CV CLINIC is your own personal job search marketing tool. CV CLINIC and its CV writers give you the chance to 'sell' your skills and experiences to the potential employer to who you apply to. CV CLINIC will emphasize your strong points - to make your application stand out. Your aim is to get the employer to interview you and that is exactly what CV CLINIC helps you with. Employers use CVs/Curriculum Vitae/Resume to decide whom to interview, or CVs/Curriculum Vitae/Resume may be sorted to decide whom not to interview. Employers might throw out all the untidy CVs/Curriculum Vitae/Resume’s. Presentation is very important and CV CLINIC’s CV writers know that all too well. You will not know exactly what the employer is looking for in your CV or resume. However, by preparing a well-presentable CV/Curriculum Vitae/Resume containing key information that supports your application in the most positive and dynamic way, you will give yourself the best chance of getting the all-important job winning interview. CVs/Curriculum Vitae/Resume can also set the agenda for interviews and will have a strong influence on what will be discussed and asked. Therefore, it is vital to remember that you are likely to be questioned on any information in your CV/Curriculum Vitae/Resume. Your CV writers from CV CLINIC will Organise Information in your CV/Curriculum Vitae/Resume.  Most CVs/Curriculum Vitae/Resume will include important sections.

Deciding what to put on your CV/Curriculum Vitae/Resume is very important.  At CV CLINIC we offer professional CV writing help to create the best marketing tool possible and CV CLINIC staff CV writers knows what to add or leave out.  It is important to write a positive CV/Curriculum Vitae/Resume.  CV CLINIC CV writers are well able to do this. CV CLINIC will high-light all your positive experiences, hobbies, sports, work experience including part time jobs, voluntary or community work, helping people as well as your qualifications to create a finely balanced CV which will secure you that dream job.


When will you have to use a CV/Curriculum Vitae/Resume?

You would use a CV/Curriculum Vitae/Resume where -

· A job advertisement either on the internet or in a newspaper requests a CV/Curriculum Vitae/Resume in order for you to apply for that job. Always send your CV/Curriculum Vitae/Resume with a Covering Letter introducing yourself shortly. A job advert asks you to apply in writing. Send your CV/Curriculum Vitae/Resume with a Covering Letter or write a longer letter of application.

· You want to make a provisional approach to organisations. This is where you contact organisations where you would like to work, forward your CV or curriculum vitae or resume together with a cover letter enquiring about any available positions.

· You get invited for an interview by a prospective employer to give you the opportunity to introduce yourself.












With CV CLINIC you will get:

· The highest quality CV and Cover Letter

· Fast Results

· Greater career prospects

· Experienced CV writers helping you

· A solid marketing tool

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