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Keep your CV and Cover letter Short.
Keep your CV and cover letter short and concise. At CV CLINIC we believe that as a rule of thumb your cover letter should be a half to one page long depending on the type of cover letter.  Your Curriculum Vitae should be one, two or maximum three pages.  Included in your Curriculum Vitae should be your employment and education history in short, rather than lots of unnecessary details. Your assigned CV writer will use formal and well-structured language in your CV and cover letter.


It is not necessary to Include…
There is no need to include your photo, your salary history and expectations, the reason you left your earlier position, or contact details for references in your CV. References must be listed separately and given to employers upon request or when you go for your interview. You also don’t have to add your physical residential address in your CV or cover letter unless it is the only option for employers to contact you.


Dump CV content that does not open interview doors for you.

To increase your chances of being called for an interview, your CV must convince the employer that you fit the description and will fit in with the company.  If information in your CV or cover letter will not help you to get the job, then leave it out.  Let content in your CV echo what the employer are looking for. CV writers at CV CLINIC often like to use job ads as a guide when constructing CV’s .


Have Several Versions of Your CV available at hand.
Don't just write one CV and cover letter and use it for every job position that you apply for. You should have targeted versions of your curriculum vitae. When you apply for a job you should always read the job specs and prepare your CV accordingly so that your application will suit the job description.  CV CLINIC knows how to change your CV so that it will suit several different job roles, which will in turn broaden the job market that will be able to target.


Use newer CV formats.

If you are an adventurous job seeker, you may move away from old conventional formats of CV’s.  Developed distribution technology and imaginative styles of communication nowadays allows for the possibility of using CV’s such as the Flyer CV that CV CLINIC offers.  Moving away from the mainstream methods may be the driving force that you need to get the job you want.  Video resume’s is also a good idea, but could bring its own problems with discrimination.

Do not tell lies. 
It can be enticing to exaggerate a CV and cover letter and to make your educational qualifications and work history sound a lot better than what they really are. Most employers conduct random reference checks and if your cover letter and curriculum vitae does not match your genuine work history and education, you will most likely get caught at some point because of discrepancies and you will either not get the job or risk getting fired if you have already been employed. Make sure your references are aware that you are using them as references.

Proof Read Your Curriculum Vitae.
Double and triple-check your curriculum vitae for typing errors, grammatical mistakes and other inconsistencies. At CV CLINIC our CV writers are trained to pay special attention to language and other details and we provide this service as part of our CV writing services.  You should always ask someone else to review your CV and cover letter for you - it is very difficult to catch your own mistakes. Look at the format of your own curriculum vitae and cover letter and then look again and ask someone else to take a look. Is there plenty of white space? Is it cluttered? Is your formatting consistent (bold, italic, spacing, font, etc.) and is the overall picture that your CV and cover letter provides a professional and polished looking one?


Always add a Cover Letter to your CV.

A cover letter is as vital as your CV and you should always include a cover letter to accompany your CV no matter where you send your Curriculum Vitae off to.  A Cover letter is a short introductory letter, stating your intentions to the prospective employer and asking them to take a look at your Curriculum Vitae with the hope of securing an interview. A cover letter is used to entice the reader to take notice of you and with the help of the CV and cover letter writers at CV CLINIC we will help you to stand out in a pile of cover letters and CV’s all begging for attention and that dream job.  You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of the prospective employer.  Make the most of those all important first make or break seconds with an engaging cover letter.


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