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Standard CV   


If you are a graduate with some working experience, our 2 page Standard CV is suitable for you. You may be competing against 200 or more other applicants, so a CV that is specially designed to beat the other applicants will help you land a great job. In today's highly competitive job market, your Standard CV shows an employer exactly what you have to offer and why they should interview you.

We will identify your individual skills, achievements, career aims and job targets. Your educational history, work-related experience and outside interests will also be explored.  Read more...

Your new CV will be emailed to you within 24 - 48 hours, your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.


Advanced CV


If you are applying for a professional or any managerial position, or have work experience of over 4 years, then our 3 page Advanced CV will be suitable for you. There can often be 100 or more applicants applying for the same job and the competition will be intense. You can have a CV that is specifically designed to beat the other applicants and help you get the job. With such a competitive job market, your Advanced CV will tell an employer what you can do for them and why they should interview you. We will identify your career aims, job targets, skills, experience and achievements. Your work history, recent qualifications and outside interests will also be explored. Your new CV will be emailed to you within 48 to 72 hours.  Read more...


What is included with your Student,  Standard or Advanced CV?


A FREE one hour assessment of your current CV.

A detailed online questionnaire and production of your CV by a highly experienced writer, who has expertise in both recruitment, journalism and copywriting.

A CV emailed to you ASAP in Microsoft Word format (compatible with Word 97 /   2000 / XP / 2007), to enable you to edit and add to your CV as the need arise. 

Free life long storage on our database for your convenience, should you ever loose  your CV or want us to update or make any changes.


Warning - Don't buy any CV templates or packages unless you are sure to receive the knowledge and understanding of the entire CV writing process and exactly how a highly targeted CV is constructed and written. You can easily depart with your money in exchange for fancy looking templates, but believe us, it is content that matters most and more particularly, your ability to craft your CV to ensure a perfect match between the employer's requirements and your skills and achievements. To do this, you must have some understanding of how highly targeted CVs are written.  Read more...



Originated in Germany and taking the world by storm, we are proud to be the first professional writers to offer the fashionable CV FLYER.  This is the perfect no-hassle way for someone who already has an up-to-date CV to make an eye-catching introduction to any prospective employer by mail.


              Colourful, fun and to the point

We add an informal but eye-catching picture of you on the front of the flyer. A colourful drawing and motto at the back makes employers remember you.

Offers appetizing information

Bullet point information offering information on what you are and what you have to offer gets employers interested in you.  We don't give away too much… Just enough information is divulged to get the reader to pick up the phone and invite you for an interview.

Saves money and time

No more time-consuming printing of stacks of paper, binding them and buying expensive covers and envelopes that gets damaged in the mail before it even reaches your dream job employer.

This flyer simply folds in 3 and fits into a standard envelope.


No-nonsense yet effective tool to aid you in finding your dream job in no time.  Be different; make a statement that gives you the edge over anyone else.   This flyer can be sent on its own or with a cover letter.

Professional Cover Letters


Cover letters are, according to a recent survey, seen by almost 50% of recruiters as being equally as important as the CV itself, although most people unfortunately spend the least amount of time on them.

With employers / recruitment agencies now receiving so many CVs by email, you need to make your application stand out by including a well-written cover letter. Long gone are the days when you could just say "Hi, here is my CV".  Read more...


Standard Cover Letter



A cover letter set the tone of an application, and should inspire the reader to turn over enthusiastically and read the enclosed CV. Take advantage of our cover letter service and maximize your chances of getting through to the interview stage. All of our cover letters are written in the same style as your CV, ensuring a fully co-ordinated image.


Advert Response Cover Letter



Send us the information of the job/company that you are applying to and we will create a covering letter that will be eye-catching, target driven and specifically related to your needs.  We will use all the right words that we know will give you the edge to ultimately get the employers attention and help you catch that dream job!


Email Cover Letter



Today, you must produce an excellent Email cover letter that clearly links your skills, experience and achievements to an employer's real requirements. It must really demonstrate that you are better than the other candidates and it must make the employer / recruitment consultant want to read your CV.

CV CLINIC can prepare a professional Email cover letter for you, expertly written to match your skills and experience to an employer's/recruiter's needs.






C.V. D.I.Y.



Okay, so you want to do it yourself.  You need a CV and you need it now.  The trouble is:

a) You’ve never done it before or

b) You have one but it is really old

We have a selection of three power templates that are crisp and roomy.  They are designed to let the most important parts of your CV stare in the face of the employer. You can simply add your content and add additional titles or headings as you please. We will email you all three power templates so you can choose and use the one you like best.



Rush Service


In a hurry?  We offer a 12 hour Rush Service.  Read more...



Package Deals

Check out the Price List for fabulous Recession Package Deals.  Read more...


A Guide for Desperados

So you are looking for a job or a promotion. You got the best CV and Cover Letter possible and now you don’t know how to go about.  Or worse:  You are applying and applying and getting no response and little feed back.  And you are starting to ask:  what is wrong with me?


The answer is:  Nothing!  The right question is:  What is wrong with my game plan?


Think of the job hunting process as catching fish… You need the right rod and reel, and the correct bait on your hook. When you have that covered, you need to know in which pond to sink your line. And then you need a lot of patience and a steady hand to turn a bite into a successful catch.

We have found that many clients receive the best marketing tool possible from us, but then still don’t get anywhere. Successful job hunting is a combination of a few finely balanced factors.  You can’t fish without bait and you can’t just throw the bait in the water without a rod and reel.


This book will attempt to help you gather all the gear you need from start to finish and teach you the technique to getting employers to go for you, hook line and sinker!

E-book: Job-fishing, A Guide for Desperados

Student CV   


If you are a student with no working experience, then our one page Student CV is just for you.  It may be difficult for you to get a foot in the job market, but with a well designed CV and the correct references, you will be well on your way.  This special student offer includes a CV CLINIC information article on how to get the right references to accompany your Student CV.  Read more...

Your new CV and information article will be mailed to you within 24 to 48 hours.

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