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The importance of a cover letter with your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The use and format of a cover letter have been much debated amongst CV writers and recruitment agencies.  The main point that everyone agrees on though when it comes to CV’s and cover letters, is that a cover letter is as vital as your CV and you should always include a cover letter to accompany your CV no matter where you send your Curriculum Vitae off to.  A Cover letter is a short introductory letter, stating your intentions to the prospective employer and asking them to take a look at your Curriculum Vitae with the hope of securing an interview. A cover letter is used to entice the reader to take notice of you and with the help of the CV and cover letter writers at CV CLINIC we will help you to stand out in a pile of cover letters and CV’s all begging for attention and that dream job.  You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of the prospective employer.  Make the most of those all important first make or break seconds with an engaging cover letter.


There are two basic cover letters that you can use with your CV. 

The first cover letter is a formal cover letter that is sent via post.  The formal cover letter has the style and format of a formal letter with postal addresses, dates and a heading added to it.  Your formal cover letter can also be a paragraph or so longer than the second type of cover letter, which is the E-mail cover letter.  Our CV writers at CV CLINIC like to call it the E-Cover Letter.  The E-cover letter is written in an email format.  Its qualities are to be short and to the point but subtly stating that you are the right person for the job.  Your E-cover letter is written by CV Clinic's qualified CV writers to give a short notice of why you should be chosen, a fine balance producing a little more than “here is my CV” and a little less than a formal cover letter.


Ad-response Cover Letters.

Your formal cover letter and E-cover letter can be written either as a general enquiry or to respond to a specific job advertisement.  It is always a good idea to customise every cover letter and CV that you apply with so that it matches the requirements of the job application as close as possible.  This way your chances of  securing an interview will increase.  When your CV writer at CV CLINIC writes an Ad-response cover letter you will be asked to either mail the job specs or send us a link of the job ad if you found it online.



















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