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What is the Europass CV?

Europass CV is an initiative of the European Commission and is a set of documents used as part of a transparency framework for qualifications and competences.  The Europass CV idea was established by the Decision No 2241/2004/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 15 December 2004.


Europass in short is a new way of helping people who want to study or work in the European Union to make their skills and capabilities clearly understood by all the different countries within the EU.  With the Europass you can move anywhere in Europe and look for work, experience or education hassle free. Europass is also supported by CV CLINIC and a network of National Europass Centers.


The Europass CV system is as helpful to employers and education providers as it is to students and job seekers as it helps them to understand what people changing countries have to offer. With a Europass CV package you will be able to overcome linguistic barriers and work or study anywhere abroad. The Europass documents also provides you with recognition for your non-accredited learning and work experiences.

What does the Europass set of documents consist of?

The Europass consists of five documents:

· Europass curriculum vitae (CV)

· Europass Language Passport

· Europass Certificate Supplement

· Europass Diploma Supplement

· Europass Mobility


What will EU employers be looking for?

Employers within the European Union planning to recruit staff have been advised by the European Union Commission to ask applicants to use the Europass CV so that they can have a clear picture of their skills and competences.  A version called the Europass XML Scheme has been made available to employers whereby they can easily store and uniformly retrieve candidates’ information from any Human Recourses database. CV CLINIC will create your Europass CV containing a Europass XML attachment to be compatible with this scheme.


How will CV CLINIC help me?

Your CV CLINIC Europass Package will contain the following:

· Europass cover page

· Cover Letter

· Europass CV saved in Adobe® PDF + Europass XML format containing the             Europass XML employer compatible attachment

· Europass Language Passport

· Application help and instructions to obtain your other three documents needed

· Europass folder

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