Question: How long will it take for CV CLINIC to have my CV and Cover Letter ready?

Answer:  As soon as we receive your payment notification, we will send out a curriculum vitae questionnaire and ask you for all the information we need to craft an excellent CV and cover letter. Once we have all the required information together, you will have your Curriculum Vitae in 2 to 4 business days.  CV CLINIC offers a rush service if you are in a hurry to get your CV out there.

This is the same for online business profiles


Question:  How will I receive my new CV and Cover Letter from CV CLINIC?

Answer: Your new CV will be delivered to you by email in a printable format.  Your CV will be in Microsoft Word format, compatible with Word97, 2000, 2007 and XP.  CV CLINIC also has a postal service if you require hard copies of your CV and cover letter to be posted to you.


Question: What if I need more copies of my CV and cover letter?

Answer: You can contact CV CLINIC at any time.  We will print and send you as many copies of your CV and cover letter as you want.  Our friendly CV writers at CV CLINIC are always happy to help!


Question: What if I’m not happy with the CV and cover letter that CV CLINIC made for me?

Answer:  Our CV writers at CV CLINIC are committed to creating outstanding individualised CV’s that will be your best marketing tool.  We never compromise on excellence, quality or affordability.  After crafting your documents, we will send you a draft to approve before we finalise your CV. If you are in any way not happy with your CV or cover letter, you can instruct any changes at the draft stage. Your CV CLINIC consultant will do their very best to sort it out!

Question: Why does CV CLINIC offer their CV’s, Cover Letters and thank you notes cheaper than most other CV writing companies?

Answer: At CV CLINIC our CV writers put in all their best efforts to help you by creating a job winning CV and cover letter that you will be proud of.  This could take your assigned CV writer up to six hours of analyzing, writing and editing until he/she feels the perfect balance is there.  CV CLINIC is however levelheaded about the economic circumstances that we are in and we know that if you need a CV and cover letter you don’t have money to waste…you are looking for an income!   CV CLINIC rates itself in the “middle class” with regards to charges for CV’s and cover letters.  We don’t charge exorbitant amounts of cash like some CV writers.  CV CLINIC is committed to delivering excellence and affordability which will mean our happy customers will spread our reputation.



Question:  What about the CV writing companies whose CV writers charges next to nothing for their CV and cover letter services?

Answer: We all know the saying “you get what you pay for”.  At CV CLINIC we do not use “one for all” templates for our CV’s and cover letters.  Your curriculum vitae information is thoroughly examined and your CV writer will create your CV and cover letter according to your individual needs.  One for all CV and cover letter templates can at most be used effectively for scholars and does not contain the content component that is vital to a job winning CV and cover letter.


Question: Can I have a job working as a CV writer or CV consultant for CV CLINIC?

Answer: Send your CV and cover letter to CV CLINIC if you already have one; we will be happy to take a look and add you to our database of skilled CV writers.


Question: Can CV CLINIC assist me in finding a job?

Answer: YES!  At CV CLINIC we do our very best for you. After one of our CV writers has completed your CV and cover letter, you may browse our CV CLINIC website and apply directly on the links provided. We have created a section with tips concentrating on job opportunities,  and have an abundance of articles giving you tips on job seeking and interviews. We also recommend clients to make use of the full package that includes a CV, Cover Letter and online profile to maximise chances for a successful application.