Does your CV pass the 10 second speed test?

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Imagine you are a recruiter looking for that one person who is a perfect fit for the job. And imagine you put an ad out there and get three to five hundred applications. Think how easy it is to get distracted and overlook that perfect candidate – who might be you – among a mountain of applications.

Research has shown that your CV or Resume needs to be presented in such a way that it has to catch the eye of the prospective employer in the first ten seconds. Ten seconds. That is all you have to make a first impressions before the decision is made to further investigate your CV or to put it on the pile of unsuccessful applicants.

So, what can a professional CV writer do to help you pass the ten second test? There are several niggly things, like a beautiful girl with rotten teeth when she smiles, that can cause your future boss to lose interest.

Spelling and grammar
We will make sure that all the grammar are correctly presented and will double check for any spelling errors.

Whilst there are no point in flashy clip art, presentations and expensive folders, your CV does have to be presented in a well organised manner. We have a proven lay-out that we use to chronologically take the interviewer step-by-step through the story of your life, to show them that you are exactly the right person for the job.
Content is one of the utmost important things about your cv. How you say something can make or break the deal and we have the expertise to use just the right lingo.

Common mistakes
We will check and double check for common mistakes such as not enough personal information, for example not leaving a contact number and also to make sure that the contact number provided are in fact correct. Your stated age has to match your birth year and depending on what you apply for, things you think are trivial may be very important, such as disclosing that you have a driver’s license if your job requires you to be mobile.

You can send us a copy of the CV that you have at present for a full FREE examination. Our experienced professional CV and resume writers will assess and reply with suggestions on how your CV can be improved to get you through the first vital ten seconds of the selection process.

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