LinkedIn is a social networking site, designed to connect like-minded business people. It is one of the most popular online social platforms and everyone that is serious about taking their career to the next level is on it!  LinkedIn has more than 400 million users in more than 200 countries worldwide.

It can be described as “Facebook for work” in lay terms. So what can LinkedIn do for you?

  1. Old connections.

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to help you find and connect with old colleagues. You can also find old teachers and school mates, or anyone that you think might be worth connecting with in order to build and improve your career.

2. New connections

Through old colleagues and new connection requests using current connections to introduce you, you are able to widen your professional network frame and build solid business connections.

3. Find and apply for jobs

The very popular feature for job search on LinkedIn are made even better by the fact that you can apply with the click of one button.  Now you don’t have to trail job sites and newspapers anymore, its all there in one space. Your LinkedIn profile will act as your CV and this will get sent directly to the company you are applying to.  94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to review applicants and decide who gets invited for an interview. Companies and recruiters also use LinkedIn to locate and source new talent, by searching for specific qualifications, skill sets and experiences. It’s vital that you have a well written and up-to-date LinkedIn profile.

4. Use your profile as your CV

Here is where CV Clinic can help you.  Once you have a perfectly set up profile, it will be your most valuable marketing tool.  Let us help you make sure you have all the info and buzz words that will get people talking about you for all the right reasons, and watch the job offers come in!

We offer a full start-up service for candidates who are new to LinkedIn, or a complete make-over for existing members. Our service includes adding keyword optimized content with a polished profile that will be found by any hiring manager using the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. We will develop your subject matter, demonstrate your accomplishments and elaborate on your skills inventory.  Our expertise and strong LinkedIn connections allows us to help you create relevant links to your profile, improve your credibility by adding 5 valuable connections to your profile and we will even endorse one of your skills!

LinkedIn Profile €100.00