Military to Civilian CV Conversion

If you have served in the military, the skills and experience you have developed during your time, are truly valuable and rightly in high demand in the civilian work force.  The problem though, is that describing those skills to a prospective employer can be daunting.

Our In-house military skills translator is an experienced ex-military member and understands that leaving this culture can be difficult for you – you are not just leaving your job, but also your lifestyle within your unit.  Our military skills translator will help you translate your CV so that you can easily apply for civilian jobs that match your skills without the headache of having to wonder how you will bridge the gap between military jargon and civilian workplaces.  We have all the expert experience to identify civilian terminology and transform it into a civilian CV that will help you to apply for hot career options to match your specialty.

We are here to help you make your transition as smooth as possible.